CyberKnife treatment of brain tumor control rate of ninety percent

June 22, 2015

Healthcare Network / Off Jiaqing reports

Thanks to advances in medical technology, makes a lot of diseases can have a good effect! According to Chi Mei Medical Center, benign brain tumors with CyberKnife treatment if the control effect of up to ninety percent, as long as the patient lying on the treatment process in the treatment of bed, you can successfully complete treatment.

▲ brain tumor treatment of new options CyberKnife control rate ninety (Figure / health care network to provide)
According to statistics, in the United States each year, about 11.3 per 100,000 people were diagnosed with brain tumors, brain tumor patients in Taiwan, about 2600 cases of newly diagnosed each year; current treatments for brain tumors include conservative treatment, surgery to remove , chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Lei Chi Mei Medical Center physician Wang Zhechuan brain knife center, said CyberKnife can be used for systemic cancer therapy, intracranial lesions including malignant tumors stellate cells, glial tumors, metastatic brain lesions, orbital cancer, nasopharyngeal and skull base tumors as chordoma, etc; as benign tumors include meningiomas, acoustic neuromas, nerve sheath tumors, pituitary adenomas, hemangioblastoma, craniopharyngioma like.
Wang Zhechuan MD, CyberKnife stereotactic surgery and general surgery different patient without general anesthesia, there is no wound, the patient during treatment, as long as lying on the couch not moving, you can successfully complete treatment; and since the 2015 introduction of the first six generations of computer knife now, benign brain tumor receiving CyberKnife treatment, control effect of up to ninety percent.
Wang Zhechuan physicians stressed that CyberKnife treatment can not be immediately apparent, and it takes time to see results; therefore, if the tumor oppression important brain regions, it should be surgically removed most of the tumor, residual tumor and then consider CyberKnife treatment It would be a better choice.